about the artist:

I have been painting and drawing as long as I can remember. At a young age, I started taking lessons from my Uncle Tony who was an incredible artist. Unk, as he was known, was very instrumental in teaching me the technical skills I needed and my parents were the driving force always pushing me to stay in a creative state of mind. After high school, I went on to West Liberty University where I played football and studied fine arts. Being the only art major on the football team always gave me a little bit of a different perspective than most of my teammates and I started to combine my two passions of design and sports however I could. It started my freshman year in 2009 when I was threatened by my head coach to stop chopping my game jersey with scissors just to make a more custom tight fit over my pads. But it didn’t stop there. I started customizing my cleats and gloves with spray paint, sharpies, and whatever else I could find in my dorm room at the time. Obviously, these would chip and peel by the end of warm ups because I had no idea what I was doing, but it sparked something that I still am working to perfect to this day.