Hi, Welcome to VC2art!

You might have ended up on this post because you previously/still do follow me on Instagram at @CandeloreCustoms or @UniEdits (now @vc2art) Or, you may have been a subscriber to this blog, which if you aren’t you should be. 😎 Either way, instead of typing an insanely long IG caption that nobody would read, I figured I would create this blog post to share the vision for the rebrand and future of my own artwork/designs.


Roughly 7 years ago, I was in my senior year at West Liberty University with absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I relatively stopped caring all together about what I was studying in school and honestly just couldn’t wait to graduate… But like I said, I had no plans. (not the best scenario)

Up to this point in my life, my two passions that had been with me since I could remember were my love for the game of football and art. I remember the day I was in my dorm room and thought, what if I could combine the two? I followed an account on twitter (@uniwatch) that would share all of the newest uniforms being worn every day in college football and the NFL. I was/still am obsessed with it… Up to this time, uniforms had been pretty bland in football and an occasional throwback or alternate jersey was MAJOR news in the sports apparel world. But now, it seemed like teams had a new uniform every day. Everyone was trying to out-do each other and it was amazing. I actually started watching games just to see teams wearing their new threads. The obsession continued and I actually stopped working on my Senior Show that was the main factor in whether I could graduate or not to teach myself how to use photoshop. All I cared about was getting better at it so I could make my own cool uniform designs.

Fast forward a few months…

I got good at designing uniforms… REALLY GOOD! I was sharing all of these design to my personal instagram at the time but I thought I could create enough content for a new page featuring nothing but these designs…


At this time, I was working at Finish Line in Century Three Mall. Our store was absolutely dead… like 3 customers a day dead… I got tired of staring at the same pair of Jordans on the wall day after day shift after shift and thought to myself… “Why don’t they come out with better more creative colors?” I remembered asking myself this same question about uniforms and figured why not start designing my own shoes too?


Since I already had a platform to share my artwork on @UniEdits, I kept my shoe designs on this page as well. The combination of uniform concepts and custom shoes was very successful and the account grew to 18 thousand followers within a few months.

WhERE did candelore customs come from?

In 2014, I started working with an athletic apparel company called Assist 2 Score. I was starting to get a lot of confused clients calling me and asking if Assist 2 Score did custom shoes. I got tired of answering the same question, so I started a new account separate from UniEdits called CandeloreCustoms. I posted all my custom shoes and paintings to CandelroeCustoms while keeping UniEdits solely for uniform designs.

That brings us to now…

I am now at a point in my life where I believe that all THE UNIQUE MEDIUMS of art I CREATE is what makes me who I am. I feel that I shouldn’t keep it separated anymore and so I am bringing all my content from CandeloreCustoms back to UniEdits. In doing this, I am rebranding myself as VC2art and I couldn't be more excited about the future!

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Vincent Candelore