Go To Hell, Harold!

Meghan, I know I told you this before I left, but I hope that this blog entry can be proof of this… That even though you may feel at times you’re going to be under attack from a mighty army, YOU ARE NOT FIGHTING ALONE! And there is no army that has been formed in the history of humanity that can not be defeated. We will stand with you in this. We will fight for you in this. We will NOT let you go into battle by yourself. PERIOD.

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Football and Faith (R.I.P. Pap)

Why am I telling you this?

About 2 weeks ago, I was talking to Pap and he asked me to do the eulogy at his funeral and it was a very surreal moment for me.

It was the first time I had ever had a conversation with someone who was planning their own funeral .

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You might have ended up on this post because you previously/still do follow me on Instagram at @CandeloreCustoms or @UniEdits (now @vc2art) Or, you may have been a subscriber to this blow, which if you aren’t you should be. 😎 Either way, instead of typing an insanely long IG caption that nobody would read, I figured I would create this blog post to share the vision for the rebrand and future of my own artwork/designs.

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Vincent Candelore

I went into this moment with the mindset of “I can’t wait to unleash my infinite wisdom upon these lucky students of mine… I definitely wasn't ready for the learning moment that actually wouldn’t hit me until the following week when I was looking back at pictures from that night.”

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